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November 1, 2014

Color Therapy: Blue Sea Water

It was the last day House of Smichi in Bali. Bali is well-know for the beautiful beaches and we had a gorgeous chance to walk in Seminyak Beach. We got a color inspiration from the lovely sea water in there. And of course we share it with our lovely readers. 

Blue is a natural color of water and sometimes it relates to a royal life, like kingdom. Because blue is a rich, calm, and wise color. Here are some inspiration of blue combinations color.

And here are some inspirations of the interior design.
Blue mix in cool colors like grey, white, and black.

Blue mix with any other colors.

Blue mix with wooden color and texture.

And also, if you want to create a royal feelings into your interior space, you can add gold.

That's all for today and we'll see you in another post!


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