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August 1, 2015

Color Therapy: Indigo


Color Therapy is back with this week's session of Indigo color therapy on House of Smichi. If you really love this color so much, let's explore more in interior design so you can get some ideas to apply your favorite color into your favorite room. Let's begin the session!

Indigo is basically a color between blue and purple. It usually used for jeans pants color. It's one of the cool colors and masculine.

You can make your room in monochrome color in Indigo.

Or usually people love to combine Indigo with bright color like white or pale grey. Feels like the beach vibes come into your room!

Indigo also can be combined with darker colors like black or dark grey. It makes a private - sanctuary room.

Lastly, Indigo also match with other colors like green, yellow, and even pink.

That's all for today! We'll see you again with another session in Color Therapy on House of Smichi!
Enjoy your weekend!

All pictures are taken from here.

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