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November 24, 2014

ModayFest: Why Are We Celebrating?

Designer's note:

Happy MondayFest on House of Smichi!

Some of you maybe asked a question, what is MondayFest and why. So, I may answer your questions now.

What is MondayFest?
Basically MondayFest is a day that I made in the beginning of the week to celebrate art and design by making art projects, like scrapbook, painting, crochet, and any other art and design activities. It's time to make your hands dirty by reasons! :)

Why is MondayFest?
I make the celebration in the beginning of the week to encourage me and other people to stay creative and productive for the whole week.

How will MondayFest be continue?
All the projects of MondayFest that our team made will be sold in House of Smichi's shop in tokopedia.com because we really love making art and design projects to decorate your house. This activity is like the part of our team's life. :)

I hope it answers your questions about MondayFest. 

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