April 13, 2014

Color Therapy: BLACK

Black is dark. Black is evil. Black represents the death. But black is neutral. It fits to any colors, like red, white, and even gold. 
For some people, black color around them is making a depressed feeling. But in the other side, there are people say that black is the new sexy. But it looks very nice when you match the color with white or even a wooden pattern.

But in fashion industry, black can make your body thinner. Black is the new sexy and elegant. But too much black can make you Gothic.

Don't be afraid if you have something on your mind like paint your house's exterior in black, a whole black or just a part of it. You have a great taste and elegant. Play it bold! ;)

Sometimes you can find black in nature. Horses, cats, parrots, and even berries that later become a famous brand of a cell-phone industry.

You can combine all the colors you love with black. Because black is neutral and fits with every color. Just remember the proportions of each color. You can make dark or black as the accent.

There's a quotes about black:

That's all for black color inspiration. We'll see you in another post of Color Therapy! Maybe nest is your favorite color we write. :)

Don't forget!
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