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September 2, 2014

Color Therapy: Rice Terrace Color Palette

They said, green is the main natural color in the world. Luckily, House of Smichi lives in a tropical island which has evergreen plants. And few days ago we took a walk in a beautiful area in Ubud, and found the hidden gem inside Bali. This view only one of many rice terraces in Indonesia. That's why sometimes Indonesia is being called Emerald of the Equator.

Enjoy the inspirations of the day!

Usually green is match with wooden brown, white, and black. Sometimes, the combinations also match with gold, pink, blue, and purple.

Green always gives a fresh feeling to the room. Though it's only by the color of the sofa's fabrics or simply put the living plants inside the room. Also, make a big windows to let the surround nature and plants become the part of the room.

See you in our other colors therapy session! Of course we are still take the inspirations from Bali's nature.
All photos are taken from Pinterest.


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