January 30, 2014

Color Therapy: ORANGE

What do you think first about orange?

You're right! Orange fruit.

But now, we're not talking about the fruit. We're talking about the color orange. If you are orange color lovers, take a seat in front of your gadget and read our blog. Enjoy! :)

ORANGE color is one of the warmth colors besides red. But it has different impressions from red. Well, one quote said about orange perfectly.

Yes! ORANGE color is fun and happy. Sometimes you will relate it with sunset view too, how the orange color is glowing and warm. You can feel that orange color is energizing, stimulate you to do more, and gives you enthusiasm. Sometimes, if you put much orange color, it's really loud too! One thing about orange color, it is really friendly color. And of course, orange color is identical with autumn. How the leaves turns into orange, especially maple leaves. Beautiful and stands out. 

Orange color is used in Halloween decoration too. The pumpkin has orange color. And sometimes you will put it with dominant black color of your decoration. What you see? The orange color, stands out and gives you light and warm. You can get the orange color from burning candles too!

In fashion industry, you can see orange is really in the pose of happiness. 

In interior design, you can add the color orange as dominant, semi-dominant, or only as accent. You can feel the dominant orange color is really hot and burning, but it's kinda gives you warm place too. Orange color can bring a vocal point too for the object that you want to show. And of course, orange color can bring you appetite.

Not only in interior space, you can add the orange touch into your front door and window. It gives you identity. It fits with plants outside your house. Or you make it bricks expose.

Orange color can defines summer too. You can put orange with lime green or turquoise. And mostly, orange defines autumn, you can put orange with black or deep purple. And sometimes, orange can be a bit calm too, just put it with earthy color like grey, and light brown. Here's some inspirations.

So, that's it for orange color. Do you have any experience with orange color? Share with us! We'll be glad to hear your story! :)

We'll see you in another post of color therapy! Stay tune because maybe it's time for your favorite color we write!

P.S. : We took all the pictures above in Pinterest with the tag orange, orange fashion, and orange palette. Of course we give the credits to the pictures' owner.

Think interior design, think...

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