January 22, 2014

Color Therapy: RED

Losing him was blue like I'd never known.
Missing him was dark grey all alone.
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met.
But loving him was red.
Loving him was red.
- Taylor Swift - RED

Who doesn't like that song RED by Taylor Swift. I love that song a lot because she describes the color red is so perfect.

Red was ever been Pantone's Color of The Year twice; in 2002 in True Red, and in 2007 with Chilli Pepper. You can read the whole article in Pantone's website.

In Color Psychology, Red is a symbol of braveness and power. It's really an energizing color and makes people excited to do something. Red also sexy and hot. When you put the color red in a place to eat, it gives you passion to eat.
Red also describes best for passion and love. That's why Valentine's Day is full with red decorations. 

In nature, we find so many things in red. Flowers, apples, strawberries, peppers. More bright is the color red, it gives more appetite to be eaten. And the red flowers stand out among the green grass. Though it's only a small part of the nature.

The red color in nature brings inspiration to fashion industry like Nina Ricci's perfume. The red color stands out and brings the passion and sweet emotions to the user's life. Red also brings boldness and dramatic style in Alexander McQueen dress collection.

In product design, red also brings the classic and rich color to the owner. Red mostly dominance the flag color. Indonesia, France, British, Morocco. Red color in national country flag defines power and brave soul of the country.

Red also takes dominant color in Christmas. Especially in Northern part of the world that has winter season, it gives warm and friendly season in Christmas. Sometimes in Christmas, red color is so perfect to be combined with gold and green to make the season brighter.

In Chinese traditional beliefs, red symbolizes richness, good luck, and prosperity. And most of Chinese temples are dominated in red color. 
In Chinese New Year tradition, everybody must wear red clothes and decorate their houses in red, from lanterns, wall decorations, and Chinese envelope to give to the younger.

In interior design, red can be dominant, semi-dominant, or accent color. Red in interior design brings warm and richness of the room, but if you out it on a wall, red can make the room smaller and crowded.

If you decided to bring red in your things;, rooms, crafts, clothes, or decorations, here are the inspirations to combine the color red with any other colors. Hope these can help you decide your choice. :)

Do you have any experience with RED color? Share with us by dropping your story on the comments box. We are glad to read your story. 
Don't be afraid to play with bold color like red. Maybe you can change it from drab to fab. :D
See you in another post about colors! 

Think interior design, think...

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