February 6, 2014

Color Therapy - YELLOW

"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.
And everything you do.
Yeah, they were all yellow."
Coldplay - Yellow

Hey, readers!
You must know that song I chose above. Yes! It's time for yellow color! For you YELLOW lovers, we write this post. :)

In color psychology, yellow is a cheerful, happy, and friendly color. Yellow is related to sunshine, because sunshine greets you everyday in the warmest and sweet light. And yellow is a symbol of enlightening mode.

In nature, you can see many flowers in yellow. And yellow also relates to lemon, the yummiest fruit in the world. When you see yellow color in nature, you'll feel so fresh and energetic.

Sometimes, you can see yellow in the sky too. Here we captured the sky color in 2011 in the afternoon after a long day in rain. Beautiful, wasn't it?

And sometimes, yellow color is also being inspiration for a cute and cheerful stuffs. Put anything in yellow on your desk, and you'll feel energetic with yellow around you. And even an old stuffs can look cute in yellow.

Yellow can be inspiration for you in fashion industry. Yellow color can make you feel difference and stands out. Sometimes they combine yellow with grey or black. Get inspiration from Vera Wang dress for Michelle Williams and beautiful dress sketch by Oscar de la Renta. 

I remember a quote from Korean series, Boys Over Flowers:
"Good shoes take you to beautiful places."
Well, maybe yellow color can take you to a beautiful places. Yellow looks good on shoes too.

In interior design, yellow color can be put as dominant color, semi-dominant, or accent color. You can feel the freshness of a room in yellow. And it brings out the feminine side of you too.

Not only in interior, you can put yellow color as accent into your exterior of your building. Houses, offices, or even cafe.

Here's the yellow color palettes. Go get some inspirations!

For you, yellow lovers, don't be afraid to mix and match some other bold colors like black, orange, teal blue, or even pink. They are beautiful in your way. :)

We'll see you in other post about color therapy! Maybe next post is your favorite color that we're posting. :D

P.S.: We want to take credits for everyone who owns the pictures we used, except the pictures that have House of Smichi mark in it. We took the other pictures from Pinterest with the tag yellow and yellow architecture.

Think interior design, think...

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