April 8, 2014

That House: 355 Mansfield, California

Designer's note:
Because this April is all about home renovation, we are improving our blog with some posts that will fits the theme of this month perfectly. And give you more of inspirations. So, here's our first post about a house, our favorite house! Enjoy reading!
- SG

Welcome to a house that invites residents to enjoy the benefits of a breezy, well-ventilated living space whilst exploring the contrasts and the artful display of lines.

In the touch of modern and elegant, this house offers a spacious rooms with open plan living room, big windows that can be opened anytime you want, and private sections on the 2nd story,making this house fits perfectly with the quiet nature surround it.

The kitchen is also wide and open in the clean style and bright colors for the cabinetry in its contrasts with the color of the wall.

The dining area also made in spacious and elegant. It has its own view to a beautiful nature. So they made the window big and can be opened whenever you want.

We also love how they put unusual way for home accessories. It's a very nice way to put a big hanging lamp in a spacious bathroom to fill the empty space inside it, making it the vocal point of this room. Look how beautiful the lighting from the lamp!

And the bedroom also made in a simple, but still fits perfectly. Each bedroom has its own private balcony. We imagine reading a book and having a nice cup of tea in the balcony.

Well, we hope you enjoy the house tour! We'll see you in another post of residential space! :)
p.s.: all pictures are taken from Freshome.

Think interior design, think ...

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