November 15, 2014

Color Therapy: Balinese Stone Carving Color Palette

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another session of Color Therapy with House of Smichi. Every week we'll improve the session so you'll be inspired and healed by the color, or maybe by your favorite color.

And this time, we make it a little bit calm and relax for BEIGE color therapy. Still inspired by the things we captured in Bali. So, enjoy the moment! 

Beige is a neutral color that really fits to be put as background. It can make everything else stands out. 

And as you put beige as a background with another light color, it pulls out the plain and calmness of the room and even a conservatism. It is a perfect color for a relaxing room, like bedroom or a living room.


And if you want an earthy color palette, you can put BEIGE with another natural colors, like brown, red, pink, and green. And it matches perfectly to be in a room with wooden texture elements.

And sometimes, if you put BEIGE with blue, you can get a seaside's cottage color palette. It feels like the color let the sea breeze and salt smell into the room.

BEIGE also perfect with purple color. It can defines a sophisticated of a room. Rich, extravagant, and beautiful.

And also, BEIGE fits perfectly with gold to add a classical and royal touch.

OK, our session today ends up here. If you are looking for the past posts of our Color Therapy sessions, you can come here.
All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

We'll see you in another session of Color Therapy next week. Get inspired and be healed with color!


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