November 29, 2014

Color Therapy: Bougainville Flowers Color Palette

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another session of Color Therapy on House of Smichi. Color Therapy session is aimed to help people choosing the right interior space's color palettes, which is the color can help to solve a different types of problems like, insomnia, depression, and also increase productivity of a person. So, enjoy your session and have a great moment with House of Smichi! 

This time, let us take a deeper relaxation while reading our CORAL color palette for your interior space.

Tropical islands is well-known for their evergreen plants and flowers. One of the beautiful flowers is Bougainvillea. The plant has many colors of the flowers. But the common color of this plant is CORAL, red-orange color. We took the picture from Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

CORAL color can represents life. Add this color into your room, and you will be reminded of summer breeze and the happiest moment in your life. It also energizing the weak soul.

Dominant color of CORAL can make your room bright and a little bit warmer. But too much of it can burn the room. Always have a neutral color to balance the warmth.

Balance the color with light color like beige, white, light grey, light brown, or aquamarine. It will bring you a relaxing and warm cozy spot.

CORAL color also match with natural color in green. It represents a very natural color. It creates a dreamy wonderland space into the room.

Our favorite is when CORAL meets grey. Any kinds of grey. Neutral meets warm.

And when CORAL meets royal color, gold, they become a royal and sophisticated ambiance.

If you want to feel energizing, balancing, and having a life feeling, you can put CORAL into your room. Remember to think about the proportions and how many surface you are gonna put.

We'll see you in another session next week!
Think interior design, think House of Smichi!


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