November 22, 2014

Color Thrapy: White Crater Lake Color Palette

Welcome to another session on Color Therapy with House of Smichi. This time we'll go west from the place we used to be to Java Island where it has a beautiful color crater lake. Enjoy! 

Welcome to Bandung where in Java, they have a beautiful white crater lake. Well, the color of the lake is not white, this one has a lighter colors than any other crater lakes. So maybe that's why it's called White Crater Lake (Kawah Putih).
The color is really beautiful, blue-greenish, or we often called it turquoise. This color is gonna be our inspiration for this week. 

So, enjoy your Color Therapy session! 

The color TURQUOISE is between blue and green in color spectrum. The color represents tranquility and a balance of soothing green and happy yellow.

TURQUOISE can balance and control the emotion. So it can heals the one with up side down mental stress problem because the color can balances itself. Amazing isn't it?

Darker and dominant TURQUOISE will give you a dramatic ambiance. But it still can balance your emotions. You can combine with dark color like grey or black.

Sometimes the darker TURQUOISE will give you a majestic look. When you mix it with copper or gold, it is rich but still tranquil.

To create a soothing and tranquil place, you can combine TURQUOISE with white and lighter color. And if you have a sleeping problems, you can paint your room into lighter TURQUOISE.

You can find TURQUOISE color best in the bathroom. Feel the serene and tranquility of the color.

That's all for our session this week. Come and feel yourself be inspired and relax with our Color Therapy session only on House of Smichi.
See you next week!
Think interior design, think House of Smichi! 
All pictures are taken from Pinterest.


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