December 13, 2014

Color Therapy: Cockscomb Flower Color Palette

Season greetings!
It's time for Color Therapy session!

Few months ago, we went to a beautiful Indonesian culture park in Bali called Taman Nusa. We found a unique flower of fuchsia Cockscomb. And because we believe that ideas and inspirations are coming from everywhere, we made this color as our color of this week. Let's start with FUCHSIA color to be put into your home.

FUCHSIA basically is a red purplish color and taken from a plant with the same name as the color. Or some say that FUCHSIA is another name of Magenta in CMYK color. And it is similar to the Pantone Color of the Year 2014, radiant orchid. It is a combination of cold and warm colors. It is the color of universal harmony and emotional balance in every aspect of life.

A dominant color of FUCHSIA can generate an arrogance and bossiness feelings that causing overwhelmed, irritation, anxious, and intolerant.

FUCHSIA is a color of happiness, cheerful, and appreciation for everything that you achieved. Mix it with light colors and you can find a very calm and relaxing ambiance in your interior space. The neutral can increases the brightness of FUCHSIA so it can be a vocal point of the room. Welcome to your imaginative and free spirit space!

Although it's a feminine color, FUCHSIA can also be a little fierce and masculine. Mix it with darker colors and you can feel the sophisticated and mysterious.

And when you put FUCHSIA along with the yellow and orange, it can be the cheerful but still sophisticated room you've ever met. But remember, the combinations are only for the accent, not a dominant color of a room.

And of course, all will be nice when you combines FUCHSIA with the touch of gold.

And in the end of our session today, we will give you several combinations of FUCHSIA with other beautiful colors.

See you in another session of Color Therapy!

Think interior design, think House of Smichi! 


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