January 10, 2015

Color Therapy: White Moon Orchid Palette

Greetings, everyone!

Welcome back to another session of Color Therapy on House of Smichi in the new year 2015. This month we've got some inspirations of color from nature. And today, our inspiration comes from beautiful white moon orchid that we captured from an orchidarium in Bogor Botanical Garden in our hometown.

So relax and enjoy the view of today's color. 

Today's color is also inspired by the Scandinavian design that characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. It is a well known style in Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The principle of the style is the idea of beautiful and functional of everyday objects is not valued by the wealthy, but by the development of modernism and functionalism.

Let's enjoy the view of today's color and our collections of Scandinavian interior design.

Bedroom is a place where everything begins everyday. All the ideas of dominant white interior of a bedroom really makes it so calm, relax, and sleepy. Very comfortable place after work. Put a big window that connects you to the garden outside or a great view you have from your bedroom.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

Living Room
Move to living room is where you and your family are spending times together. Watching TV, doing assignments, reading books, and also taking nap. Dominant white space of living room can balance the negative energy and reduce them into a neutral energy. If you live a tiring life and work that need balance the energy in the house, you can change your living room into dominant white, put a large L-shaped sofa, and drink a cup of warm tea. Worth to try. :)

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

Dining Room
White color can make a small room larger. The ideas of dominant white in the dining room sometimes mixed with warm colors of wood, although it's a light wooden color. You will like to stand hours in your dining room while working and reading.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

A dominant white kitchen is a clean and stylish kitchen. It can be a super cozy spot in your house while you keep it clean too. Super fun white kitchen!

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

Taking a warm water bath after work plus aromatherapy candles in a white bathroom. It can do inner cleansing, purifying your mind, very comfort and raising hope, and reduce stress level.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

A dominant white interior space of a restaurant, can bring your customers a sense of calm and relax.

Color Combination
Here are some inspirations for the combination.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

And last but not least.

Picture is taken from Sensational Color.

We'll see you in next session of Color Therapy on House of Smichi!

Think interior design, think House of Smichi! 


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