March 21, 2015

Color Therapy: Yellow Balinese Frangipani Color Palette

Welcome to this week's Color Therapy session with House of Smichi!
It's been a while since our last post but that doesn't mean we stop this fun session with colors each week. Let's begin our fun session for today! 

Today's color is Citrus Yellow inspired by our neighbor's blooming Frangipani flowers in front of her house. How beautiful this tropical flower is, isn't it? And in the morning, it smells sooo good.

Citrus yellow is a orangish yellow that really add the cheerful and happiest moment into your life. It can gather up some spirits to do more. This color also can make a sad and gloomy moment into a lighter mood.

So usually this color is applied into a kitchen or living room. Don't be afraid to add this bright color on your room.

The yellow color on your kitchen can bring more appetite feelings into the room.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

Dining Room
Mix and match the citrus yellow with orange or any pastel colors to make the room more spacious and brighter and of course, full of fun. Mix it with darker color to get the bold and classic feelings.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

Living Room
Create a happy room for your family by adding the citrus yellow with any bright colors. And get a relax and inspirational room at the same time by combining citrus yellow with darker colors.

Citrus yellow + bright colors

Citrus yellow + darker colors

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

Why don't you put a little citrus color into your bedroom? It won't make you bored and always can make you energetic.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

Color Combinations
Here are some color inspirations for you to mix and match citrus color with any other colors.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

We'll see you on the next Color Therapy session with House of Smichi! Enjoy your weekend! 


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