September 2, 2015

Midweek Projects: Walk In Closet in Modern Style

Midweek Projects is back on the Blog now!

This time we are trying to make a budget concern walk in closet in small spaces, like in an apartment space. So ladies, prepare your soon-to-be-home or apartment to place your walk in closet in stylish way. Men, watch out for the next post about your ideas of walking closet! :)

Walk in closet basically is a room where you can walk in your clothes cupboard to mix and match the clothes with the accessories, and do your make up. So it's like a giant clothes cupboard inside your house or apartment. It doesn't have to be big and wide, you can place it even in a small space.

So, we choose a simple design to fit in the walk in closet in a small space. No furniture's handles, and less use of materials to reduce the cost. We add the wallpaper behind the closet as the aesthetic element. Or if you have a nature gift as painter, you can paint the wall of whatever you like. The idea is not to make your closet too plain because of the simple furniture. You can change the hanger side into folding side if you have folded clothes too.

As for the color, we don't pick too much color. More white to widen up the space, wooden color as for warming the room, and the pink color is optional. It's just for the accent color of the room.

We create a light the make up area with direct light all over you face and above where you sit. Just in case you don't need the make up area lights, you can only switch on the light above the make up area.

Well, that's all for the Midweek Projects this time. Next, we'll make a special design of men's walk in closet soon.
Thank you for reading!

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Think interior design, think...

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