July 29, 2016

Enjoy My Book Club: Queen of Hearts Volume Two - The Wonder

I finished this book last night and it makes me hungry to read more about this series.

Actually I read directly to Volume Two after looking Volume One for nothing in every book store in town. And because I know that there's a book like this by seeing this Volume Two first. By the way, if you have any information about this series, especially if you've ever seen Volume One at Jabodetabek local bookstore, please contact me. :D

The story I read is when Dinah, the Discharged Princess from Wonderland Castle, wandering around the forest because she's running away from her father, King of Hearts, for being accused of her brother's death. And the in the middle of the way, she got some help from a cannot be trusted friend and bring them into a journey to Wonderland Castle's enemy, the Yurkei.

The most interesting thing is the imagination that the author give in this book is brilliant. It's not a happy imagination like in Alice's Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, although the author inspired by the story, but the book gives us another scary part and paranoid part of the surround nature.

And I love about the friendship between Dinah and Morte, a black war horse, who help Dinah fight with the white hungry bear at the beginning of the book. At first they cannot understand each other, because Morte was born to kill and fight, so the enemy called him The Black Devil. Until one point they need each other.

I recommend this book for those who loves beyond compare imaginations, Alice's Adventure in Wonderland, and ancient era story.
I cannot wait to read what happen next to Dinah and the rest of the character in this book. Keep following the author, Colleen Oakes, through her Instagram to get more update about the next story.

OK, that's all for today. We'll see you all again soon!
Thank you for reading!

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