September 24, 2016

Color Therapy: Autumn Colors Ideas

It's autumn already in four seasons countries. In here, we have rainy season which more gloomy but still fun. Because rather than thinking all the gloomy things, we decided to do and make something.

Well, anyway, today we have re-arranged our Color Therapy session in a new package. Still talking about the colors, but we take the colors ideas from the view we see everyday. Like today, we have taken one view in Jakarta Kota Station in Jakarta, that reminds us about autumn colors.
This is our color of the day.

Let's talk about the colors!

Baby Blue 
First we have baby blue which we take from the color of the sky. It's a part of the pastel colors in color scheme. But the blue color often use as one of the neutral colors if there's one or more bold colors in the space. It brings the calmness and peaceful ambiance for the space.

Second color we have is tangerine. It's not a bright orange color, but a little bit calm orange that still friendly with the autumn season ambiance. In here we choose the pastel color of tangerine. Tangerine can bring you a freshness of the room while it gives you the sweetness of life.

Sometimes beige can replace white as a bright neutral colors in the space. Beige is a combination of much white with a little bit brown color. Beige color often used in a Zen room theme because of the its serenity ambiance and also some people said that this color can clean the bad energy.

Taupe color is combination of grey and much brown. It brings you the natural color into the space. It fits perfectly with beige as the bright color, while taupe is a little bit darker. Taupe will reminds you to give a little thankful for today's blessings because it reminds you of soil and sand color that can give you peaceful mind.

Here are the applied color scheme into an interior design that we took from Pinterest.

That's all for today. We'll see you all again soon!
Thank you for reading!

think interior design, think House of Smichi!

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