December 18, 2016

Daily Pictures: Lazy Sunday

Greetings! ❤
This is how my Sunday spent.

Today is a new #photochallenge week. While last week I have to try to capture my breakfast in a nice way and arranged the food in a beautiful way, this time I let you all know what's on my desk and what i do on the next 7 days ahead. I call it #whatido #photochallenge week.

Some of you might wondering what I am doing as an interior designer who runs a design and built interior company. I may be looked walking around the street in daylight, not in the office, and in frequent days, I share with you my art projects and everything i love to do in House of Smichi.

Sunday is my lazy time to make plans, read some books, get some inspirations, listening to my favorite music, watch my favorite movies, and of course, blogging. Although it looks like a lazy Sunday, but that's not right. In Sunday, I pull out all of my creativity brain to plan everything for the whole week ahead. Most of my times will spent in front of my desk, thinking how to make my plans work.

My desk is messy with paper and stuffs. In the afternoon, I take a break to read good books and watch movie. And in the night, I continue to get some inspirations. I love surrounding with the rainbow color pens, colorful paper, unread books, my notebook, and my drawing book. And the picture describes my messy desk best.

That's all for today. We'll see you all again soon!
Thank you for reading!

think interior design, think House of Smichi!

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