March 16, 2014

Color Therapy: BLUE

Who loves Cookie Monster? That blue puppet that really loves to eat cookies. Yes! We are now talking about Blue color! Who loves Blue, keep reading our blog!

Our world is blue, 2/3 of our earth is blue, water. Besides green, BLUE is the dominant color around us.
This is a fun fact about blue.

Sometimes, blue color seems impossible in nature. But there are many things in blue. Water, flowers,fruit, butterfly, even natural stone, Sapphire are blue. The blue color in nature is really calming. The color of the ocean, big bright sky in summer, they are in blue. Blue flowers and butterfly are awesome too. When the most dominant natural color is brown earth and green leaves, blue introduce the cool points of the color, blue ice.

Blue color in fashion is really pictured the elegance of the one who wears the color. Even Baby Blue is related to the dearest Princess of United Kingdom, Duchess of Cambridge. Blue color brings the memories of old time era come back. And blue also related to the color of the deepest heart of the ocean, the Titanic pendant.

There are names of blues,Turquoise,Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Cobalt, based on their gradient range of blue color. All the names of Blues are really calming, rich, and sometimes mysterious. Blue is a nature mystery.

Perhaps you have many jeans hanging in your closet. Blue Jeans also has many wide range color of blue nowadays.

The blue color that you put on interior design, really reminds us about the coastal style interior. The breeze and the smell of the sea, and of course, the touch of the blue views to the ocean. Adorable and dreamy. And the dominance of blue will make your room more in royal palace.

You can add the color blue to your exterior too. Paint your fence or your facade wall blue. Make a difference.

If you are decided to make something blue, here are the suggestions from us to combine blue with any other colors.

Put the blue on your studying room wall and enjoy the moment you'll spend with the books! While you enjoy the song too. :)

"Listen to the Goodyear's roll
Hummin' through the radio
Let it lighten up your load
Ain't got no place to go.
Watching those fence poles fly,
As the miles roll by,
Nothin' but blue skies,
Hangin' over you and I."
Uncle Kracker - Blue Skies

We'll see you in another post of Color Therapy! Maybe next post is your favorite color we'll be written.
P.S. : all the pictures I took from Pinterest with the tag of blue.

think interior design, think...

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