March 10, 2014

Color Therapy: GREEN

"The old home town looks the same as I walk down from the train.
And there to meet me is my Mama and Papa.
Down the road I look and there runs Mary,
hair of gold and lips like cherries.
It's good to touch the green, green grass of home."
Tom Jones - Green, Green Grass Of Home

GREEN is something you can find everyday. Remember the song of Louis Armstrong, What A Wonderful World? He sang that the trees are green. And the song above, from Tom Jones also describes green color the best, Green, Green Grass Of Home. Our world consists many greens of land.
So this is true about what they said.

Green color has wide range of colors. From lime green to turquoise. And you can combine the green with the color you love. Just remember to think about the color proportion. Here are some green color combinations for you.

Green color is fresh and natural. Fresh and young leaves, our nature has primary color green. Green leaves a peaceful and healing sense. That's why, back in the day they said, always back to nature. But sometimes, green also leaves a mystery too.

Emerald green was chosen as the Color of the Year 2013 by Pantone. Emerald green leaves a richness and powerful sense for anyone who use the color. Also, emerald green brings new life and prosperity sense. Read all about Emerald Green here.

Green color also gives inspirations for a beautiful and natural sense in fashion industry.

Nowadays, we heard that Green Architecture is really worldwide and everybody race against each other to build something green. From garden roof to vertical garden.

Green also used to make a difference from other building. Like this public toilet in Switzerland by architects Gramazio and Kohler.

In interior design, green also can be applied to fresh up the room. Dominant color green can make the room mysterious and rich.

You can put green color in exterior too to give difference facade from others.

Green is really a great color. You can see the beauty of green when Christmas time. When green combines with red. So holy and great occasional colors.

P.S.: All the picture I use, is taken from Pinterest, with the tag greengreen architecturegarden roofchristmasgreen color combinations.

Don't forget to keep on reading our blog. Maybe the next time we write, is your favorite color!

Think interior design, think...

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