April 12, 2014

That Apartment: Matthew Eikelberger's Wonderland

Have a quirky style? Why don't you applied your wild ideas in your house. This time, we're talking about an apartment space in Los Angeles, California (source: Apartment Therapy).

Imagine your ideas are going wild, rooms are in green and turquoise, like you're in a Alice in Wonderland world. The ambiance is like in a forest full of details and figures.

The rooms are in open-plan so you can still connected to each room easily. Though the rooms are in different shades of green, you can let the natural light in to your room to make the ambiance more real.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: My style has often been described as Alice in Wonder/Hoarder land, decadent grandma, or Golden Girl on acid. I certainly subscribe to the philosophy that More is More.
Inspiration: Marie Antoinette meets Lord of the Rings. Opulent, with a strong woodland influence.
Favorite Element: My favorite element, without a doubt, is the history that lives on in my home. So many things in my apartment were passed down to me from my grandmother, so they are not only family heirlooms, but they carry a great amount of memories and history with them. For instance, the chandeliers, which originated in Italy,were my grandmother's from the 60's, and the accent table in the living room went through the San Francisco earthquake during the 1900's.
Biggest Challenge: My biggest challenge has been trying to make my seemingly necessary impulse purchases fit into my very limited space.
What Friends Say: "Wow! You are really easy to shop for" and "your tchotchke-'itis' is certainly terminal."
Biggest Embarrassment: My biggest embarrassment will be, if I am still alive after the big earthquake hits, revealing to my insurance representative the sum that I wish to be reimbursed for the amount of money I have spent on knick-knacks.
Proudest DIY: I know it sounds lackluster but I guess I would say that I was ambitious enough to paint half of the place myself, with the help of my friend Athena. Although I am afraid of heights, so I had to hire painters to paint the stair area.
Biggest Indulgence: Well, seeing how I cannot deal with blank wall space, my biggest indulgence most definitely has been custom framing. I have gone to great lengths to fill the walls of my apartment.
Best Advice: Always find some way to include a sense of humor in your decor aesthetic, and create a space that gives you some sense of escapism and peace. It's a scary world out there.
Dream Sources: The Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berg estate sale.

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