August 15, 2015

Color Therapy: Red

Welcome back to this week's session of Color Therapy on House of Smichi.

We are glad to bring you more colors each week: how to apply the color, room inspirations, and of course the combinations of the colors.
This week we bring you Red as color of the week.

Red is one of the warm color besides orange and yellow. It can defines a room very well because of the stands out and boldness. We suggest you to apply the color Red in a large space if you want to make it dominant color.

But if you live in small spaces, don't worry. You can apply Red into an accent color mixed with neutral colors, like white, black, or grey.

It best if you don't apply Red as a dominant color in a small space. Red can make everything bigger and closer, so the room can look smaller and crowded.

When you use Red as accent color mixed it with lighter colors.

And when you use Red mixed with darker colors.

In Chinese culture, Red is the lucky color that always appear on the happy moments, like Chinese New Year and wedding ceremony. So they usually paint the front door of the house in Red.

Maybe these can be your inspirations how to use Red as the front color of your space.

Some restaurants also use Red to bring more appetite to the customers. Feel the difference when you eat in a restaurant in cool colors ambiance.

Mix Red with other colors like gold, purple, orange, and add some details, then you'll get the Moroccan ambiance.

And here are some palette ideas for you to use Red with other colors.

That's all for this week's Color Therapy on House of Smichi. Let's meet again next week in the next session of the color of the week by House of Smichi!
For the past session you can read here.

Have a great Saturday! :)

All pictures are take from here, here, and here.

Think interior design, think...

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