August 16, 2015

Weekend Projects: Industrial Style Home Office & Kitchen Part 1

Welcome back into another episodes of Weekend Projects on House of Smichi!

This weekend, we have idea how to mix home office with the kitchen while you have a small spaces in home or you just feel kitchen as your sanctuary.

Working from home is really fun because you can control everything: the times, the money you spend, and of course the foods you want to cook. More healthy we guess. But here in Indonesia, working from home identically with freelance occupation, like us designers.

So, enjoy our idea!

Well, in the part one, we reveal the other side of the room. A book shelf, beverages maker table, wet area, and a medium size fridge to keep the cold beverages, and also enough lighting while you're working. This part of the kitchen here is for you to make drinks for the guests or clients that come into the house / office, or for yourself.

It's like you have a dining table/working table as the island at the kitchen. You can prepare the foods there while you can watch the "how to make Aglio E Olio Spaghetti while you're working on stuffs there.

One lucky thing when you have home office near your kitchen is you can bring your clients come and serve them like in restaurants. Don't forget to add big enough table if necessary. You'll need this table if there are more than 1 persons, or you have to spread the work to explain it.

OK! That's all for the part 1. We'll see you on the part 2 this Wednesday on Midweek Projects. Make sure you don't miss the post!
Thank you for reading the post!

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Think interior design, think...

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