February 21, 2016

Weekend Projects: New York Style Two Bedrooms Apartment

House of Smichi is back this weekend to share with you our latest project. So, let's start with our latest apartment project.

This weekend we have a two bedrooms apartment project in Jakarta, Indonesia. A little information about the owner, she loves books and most important of all, she loves New York. Been living few years in New York when she was younger. So, she wants to bring back the memories she know about the wonderful city.

Well, she has a very wonderful layout for an apartment. Though the apartment is not too big for living, but the layout is very interesting with some cozy spots to enjoy the view of Jakarta city whenever she come home from work at night.

We've designed the living area first to be shared this weekend with you.
The living area is not too wide, but it has a longer area with a big window at the end of the area.

In this living area, she has a tall storage shelf to put nice books and any other office supplies. We designed the lower storage with mirrors so the place can look bigger than it should be. This is one of the trick for a small spaces: more mirrors!

And for the cozy window spot, we designed an area to enjoy the view while working, reading a book, or even just sit and relax. Since the owner loves greenery so much, we put some plants in pots to decorate the area. And one of the trademark of House of Smichi is we always put dramatic lighting in every potential spots. And she loves it!

And put the comfy sofa in front of the TV. It has no armrest at the right end, so she can sit while facing her list of books at the shelf. And this can give more rooms to open the lower storage at the shelf.

New York style is basically combinations of Industrial concept with chic style with a lot of decorations of art, like paintings, photography, and even sculpture. You can also put modern touch of furniture too, not always industrial.

Well, we think that's enough for Weekend Projects this time. We'll see you soon with our latest projects originally design and build by House of Smichi!
Thank you for reading!

think interior design, think House of Smichi!

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