March 12, 2016

Color Therapy: Cobalt Blue

It's been a while since our last session of Color Therapy every Saturday. But now we are back with a fresh session of color inspirations for you. This time, we give a chance for Cobalt Blue!

Some people say that Cobalt Blue is a Royal Blue color, that often used by the royal family. The color takes out the charisma and wisdom from the person who wears it. Although the color is a little bit brighter, Cobalt Blue can make a room so tranquil and peaceful in interior design scope. It cooling downs the high temper and can reduce stress. Sometimes, it can brings out the inner intelligence and trust from the user.

Let's take a look Cobalt Blue that applied in a room.

Most people love to combine Cobalt Blue with white. Because white can balance the brightness of Cobalt Blue.

And not impossible too that Cobalt Blue can be combined with another blue hues, like turquoise, indigo, and even baby blue.

Cobalt Blue with any various colors.

Sometimes, people love to combine Cobalt Blue with gold that creates a royal interior.

But you can applied it with silver too that feels so calm.

Cobalt Blue inside the furniture? Why not! It fits best with wooden color and texture.

Too much Cobalt Blue in a room can make you feels like drown in your own room. Sometimes, if you don't have enough lighting from the window, the room looks a little bit creepier than it should be. Dramatic lighting (like uplighting) also creates the room so mysterious and overwhelmed.

And finally, these are the combinations for you.

OK! That's all for HoS color of the week. We'll see you all again soon on the next session of Color Therapy!
Thank you for attending this week's session!

All pictures are taken from here and here.

think interior design, think House of Smichi!

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