March 11, 2016

Enjoy My Book Club: Five Get Into Trouble


We finished with Alice Through The Looking Glass and we move into our second book for this month. We read a little bit slower lately since we have a limited time to read. For the second book, we have the series from The Famous Five by Enid Blyton. This time we choose the Five Get Into Trouble.

Now, we will talk about Alice Through The Looking Glass first. We always enjoy reading this series of Lewis Caroll book. It used to be a light reading material, but sometimes, the fantasy and imagination that the author wrote will make you think harder to understand the character and the plot. It's a very recommended book not only for children, but also you, adult people. To open your mind about the other side of your world.
Five stars for the book review! 

Second, we have the series from the Famous Five. Story about the adventure of Julian, Dick, George (or Georgina), Anne, and of course, Timmy the loyal dog. The adventures always happen at the school break. The story is really fun, light, and so teach us how to have a good manner. We learn from the England famous five. We've already reached page 70 so far and still continue tonight.

In this Five Get Into Trouble, we have reached the part when five main children character were travelling around the area while their Auntie and Uncle must go for a job outside the town. Then they met Richard Kent, a boy that used to be a son of the richest man in the area. The story we read breaks when Dick is kidnapped by mysterious guys that they think Dick was Richard Kent mistakenly. Well, the story will be continued to read tonight! We'll tell you about the whole book reviews. So far we always love Enod Blyton's books.

Thank you for reading! And we'll see you all again soon when we are finished reading the book.

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