October 1, 2016

Color Therapy: Green Wall Color Ideas

Hello October and happy weekend everyone! Today we've got inspiration of color from the green wall outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jakarta.

Today's color scheme idea reminds us about the rainy season we have here in Indonesia. Where all the greenery becomes greener, while the sky mostly cloudy and gloomy, waiting for the rain falling down. The colors bring us into calming and serene ambiance.

Let's talk about each colors!

Parrot Green
First we have what we called Parrot Green color from the greenery palette. The color is a little bit soft but still strong. It brings us the coolness and natural color into the space. It also brings you a brightness soul to clean the energy and make you peaceful. It will tell us to grow bigger and better.

Lime Green
Lime Green is yellowish green from the greenery palette. The color brings you freshness and energetic feelings. But doesn't like lime, the color will give you sweet memories about a space because you can feel so cozy and alive inside the room. It brings you positive vibes and a new spirit to continue life.

Cloud Grey
Although most grey colors brings you a gloomy feelings, but this Cloud Grey can give you brightness yet calmness into the room. The color consists much white than the grey color that will bring your neutral and quiet space. The color is good for you who wants to have a hideaway place around the house.

Basically grey is an unemotional color. But sometimes grey can neutralize the bright colors inside the room. Too much grey can make you feel so depressed because it's dark and gloomy. But grey can be solid rock and stable. And it's a color of maturity and responsibility. And grey also can brings you an elegant and formal vibes into the space.

Here are some gallery that we're taken from the Pinterest. Enjoy!

That's all for this week's Color Therapy session! We'll see you all again soon!
Thank you for healing with us!

think interior design, think House of Smichi!

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