October 9, 2016

Weekend Projects: Dreamy Place for Daydreaming

Sometimes most of us need a place, a hidden place, where we can put energy and our thoughts together. It can be anywhere in your home or your office. Make a good and comfort one can increase your productivity in work and even in life. Because everybody needs special time to stay away from outside matters.

Moroccan style has been our concern to make a comfort and special place to hide away. It can give you a dreamy place and serenity to keep you in peace. Moroccan style as a hideaway place can  be perfect with big sofa, pouffe to rest our feet, lanterns, and even the garden style of water fountain also can be inspired to make a perfect one.

This time we use blue color to fill the area. Blue defines a good energy surround us and giving calmness into your soul. Put some soothing music on and you are ready to be on your own. We put a pond surround the sofa area to make a soothing sound of the falling water from the fountain at the side of the sofa. Books also give you inspiration to improving yourself with good things. Or if you don't like reading that much, you can fill the shelf with all the good memory things.

Big window also good for your health. Because a warm and soft sunlight can in to your room and fill it with joy. Natural light can reduce the electricity use in the room, so you can save more from your bills.

Create a peaceful space is important especially if you are so confused about life's matters and need to think about everything only on your own. This hideaway place also can be your place to hangout and have chit chat with some good friends of yours.

That's all for today. We'll see you all again soon!
Thank you for reading!

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