October 8, 2016

Color Therapy: Scandinavian Inspired Color Scheme

Today's Color Therapy session inspired by the Scandinavian style. We've been into it lately for some reasons. First, we have an upcoming interior kiosk project in hospital which the owner really loves about clean and simple look. Second, we were taking a break to take a visit to IKEA store. So, yeah, we've inspired a lot by the style! :D

Let's talk about the color scheme of the week.

Black is one of the neutral color that the darkest color in color spectrum. People who loves black that much rather have a good protection of themselves and mysterious. Black hides lights and blocks all the external things into inside. But black is not all about the negativity. In fashion industry, black can make your body slimmer and thinner. It's all about the illusion of the black color can give. Not only that, we need blackout when we are sleeping to release the Serotonin that makes us sleep well at night. Black also gives a sense of power and control like the Greek mythology used for Hades.

White is the opposite of black. It's a lightest color in color spectrum and has a pure and clean ambiance whenever we use it. So that, most of the wedding decor has white as a symbol of purity of a new life chapter. White is about perfection and completion. White also related into the beginning of a creativity, like a blank canvas. It is a base to starting something. Most of the gods in every mythology, even Jesus Christ, always be drawn in white clothes. White brings light and hope.

It's a brown family member which so sweet and gives a mood booster. Caramel color is rather a natural color related to wooden texture or soil. Caramel has a lighter brown that brings you comfort and honesty. Whenever you need extra sugar boost, just add the caramel!

Basically it's a dark grey color. It's a compromising color since it's between white and black. It can give you stress relief of outside matters. But charcoal can give you stability and control. But too much grey can make you depressed and sad. So you must add another color to balance the ambiance.

We've found some interior inspirations from Pinterest for some cafe at some place. Enjoy!

That's all for today. We'll see you all again on another session of Color Therapy on House of Smichi!
Thank you for reading!

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