August 1, 2013

A little story from Bandung

Have I ever mentioned you that I really love to learn and memorize all the world's culture? History of Art is one of my favorite subject when I was in college. It is one of knowledge of that you must know about history of architecture and interior from time to time. 
Well, last weekend I had a chance to stay in one of hotels in Bandung which is so unique because it exposes the Roman's Classic style, from architecture to interior. Here's Grand Hotel Universal in Setiabudi Street, Bandung.
That was my second times and I still feel amazed of its beauty.

Since I was going here and there around Bandung at noon, I arrived at the hotel in the evening. Nothing more than dramatic and cool lighting systems for exterior. It has spot and up lighting to set the dramatic view at night. Even the pool looks cool at night.

So when the sun rose and after had my breakfast, I started to hunt a great view to be captured here. 
We took our breakfast in top floor where my journey of photography started here. 

You can see couple domes as one Roman's classic symbol of architecture. One of the domes is a small chapel for wedding. 
All the exterior elements of the hotel are using grey color stone and has simple details to create the emphasize of the building. The building is form an O shape with the pool and small garden is in the middle of it, just like a form of Roman's style. Ancient Romans' houses always have a garden in the middle of their houses.

And in the ground floor, just like the ancient Roman's period, this hotel has a really cool garden with fountains. Even in pool for children, there's a statue functioned as fountain as aesthetic element. 

One of the garden is functioned as chapel for wedding.

They plant a lot of beautiful plants and flowers here. 

There are many statues here. Statues are also one of Roman's Classic style too. Usually, when they built a temple for the gods, Roman's people always make a big statue for each Roman's gods. In this hotel, the statues are placed in the fountains and few corners of the building as aesthetic element.

For the room, it's not a big room, but I really feel comfortable here. The designer uses a very rich color palette for decorating the room. In my room, they use black, ivory, gold, and purple, also a little bit aquamarine for accent color. 

As for the few things in this room is really Classic style. They use the pattern to present Roman's style to this room like in the mirror, furniture, bed headboard, and wallpaper.

And the fountain with beautiful chandelier in the lobby are beautiful too. With a big waiting area and a photo booth as one of a people attraction. End of the journey here.

I recommend this hotel to all of you who wants to enjoy the view and food (the food is really delicious!).
I hope I can get another chance to share another great architecture and interior in other places again. 
I'll see you in my other post! :)

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