August 19, 2015

Midweek Projects: Industrial Style Home Office & Kitchen Part 2

Welcome back into the Part 2 of HoS design review this week in Midweek Projects. This time we are still review our recent projects: the Industrial style of home office and kitchen.

This time we will reveal the other side of the room.
While last post on Weekend Projects is talking about the part which aims to make beverages and wet area, and also the working area, well, this time we will talk about the cooking area.

>> We have 2 fridge here, the medium one and the large one. The medium one is for keeping the beverages and stuffs cool, while the large one is for keeping the foods cool. For what? We're trying to make everything's clean here.

>> And we separate two working tables as the cooker is in the middle of them. One side of the table is for preparing the foods before it cooked, while the other one is for preparing for the serving of the food. So, no more messy table mixed of oils, dirt, and stuffs.

>> The style is as the same like the other side, except we add mirror as the boundary of the cooking area and we add blank canvas to make an art on the blackboard.
The blackboard is one of the way to make an art because when you are bored hanging the same art every week or every month, you can erase it, and start to make a new one. But don't forget to memorize the old one, keep it, post it on the Instagram, or maybe sell it.

You can work happily if you make the kitchen your sanctuary and your comfort place to work on something. Well, if you do really have a limited space, maybe you can combine the function of two rooms.

We love to combine the kitchen with working area because we can easily grab beverages and foods when you have guests or clients, and we can show off the cooking skill to them. :D

That's all for Midweek Projects today, we'll see you soon with new fresh ideas of interior design inspirations originally made by House of Smichi.
Thank you for reading the post and have a good day! :)

Think interior design, think...

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