August 2, 2015

Weekend Project: Moroccan Style into A Beauty Salon & Spa Part 1

Welcome to a new post of Weekend Project!

What is this post about?
Weekend Project is all about House of Smichi's original works in interior design that we've finally decided to share with all of you. Every twice a week, we create fresh ideas and inspirations in interior design in every style. From east to west, from ethnic to modern. We're gonna explore all the things as our inspirations.

Well, basically we will post our portfolios on Wednesday (midweek) and Sunday (weekend).

Why in twice a week?
Because sometimes once is not enough to apply all those beautiful things into one design. So, we're gonna separated the works into two parts in the same style.

What's the purpose of this post?
Just. To. Have. FUN! As we sharpen our skill to be better everyday and express the feelings about something good.

This week we have a project in Moroccan style for beauty salon and spa. In this part 1, we finished the lobby first before goes into the main area. Mostly, Moroccan style home is designed to be comfort and clean style with colorful cushions. But a little bit touch of modern can simplify the colors.

We choose the cool colors as we represent a fresh and calm ambiance. the aim is that everyone that come here can feel relax and serene as we create soft lighting in some spots. The water and plants are designed to balance the harmony inside the room as to welcome the guests with something fresh and natural.

Since it's a small area, we use mirrors and shiny materials in most of the area of the room. Mirrors can make a small room looks bigger.

That's all for part 1 for Moroccan Style Beauty Salon & Spa. We'll see you again in part 2 this Wednesday only on Midweek Project. New project will be shared next weekend as in Weekend Project.

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We'll see you around soon!

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