April 8, 2016

Daily Pictures: Week of Heritage Buildings

We are back again with photo of the day!

This week we choose some of the heritage building to share with you that exists in our surround town. Heritage building can tell you thousands stories about everything, the age, history, and also the owner. Mostly our heritage building made in the colonial era, when Dutch colonize Indonesia around 1600s to 1940's. 

But unfortunately, so many old buildings that in really bad condition so the earlier government decided to destroy most of them. Well, we guess the best way to preserve the heritage is restoring the building, fix the broken and recondition the look.

But, here are some of the heritage buildings that we can capture lately to summarize three days earlier when we can't blog the photo. Enjoy!

Photo #1
Bogor Presidential Palace

This picture I took from the back of the palace which can be seen from Bogor Botanical Garden near the small lake to separate the palace from the garden. I guess when England took control of the Indonesian government, Raffles connect the palace and the garden to surround the palace with garden.

Photo #2
Museum Bank Indonesia

This picture I took when I was have my museum tour few weeks ago. The building has a symmetrical shape with two big courtyards. It's so beautiful at night when the lights are on and make this building so dramatic.

Photo #3
Building in Kota Tua, Jakarta

At the last visit to Kota Tua, Jakarta, I pay attention to one of the interesting part of the place. This is part of the old house that was destroyed years ago and wrecked naturally. The inside of the building is gone. Only left the outer wall to keep whatever inside. Although it looks creepy, but this is the most beautiful part of the place to take pictures in.

We guess that's all for today's Daily Pictures. We'll see you again soon with another pictures of heritage building for this week!
Thank you for reading and enjoying our Daily Pictures!

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