December 10, 2016

Color Therapy: Greenery Color Scheme

Greetings! ❤
Today we celebrate Greenery as the color scheme of the year by Pantone. And it's the right time to talk about the color scheme from the Greenery inspirations that I captured yesterday on my way to the train station.

Greenery has been refresh our life up to now because the color can make us reconnect with the nature once again. It revitalizes and rejuvenate our minds and soul and make them clear as we seek the need of the fresh air and the fulfilled life. The color illustrate the growth and desire to do something good. Greenery grows along with the brown of the soil and the colorful flowers, so we can say, greenery is the main color of the earth.

Like a pine tree leaves, it gives us calmness and clean our minds to let us feel the breeze among the hard wind blows. It also gives us the feelings of fertility to grow bigger and healthier. Although it's a dark color in greenery shades, but this color can give a gradient into our lives to remember that everything is under control.

The Fern color is one of the cheerful color in green shades. The color reminds us to keep reconnect with the nature and take care of everything that lives. It also can reduce bad emotions because it gives a feelings of happiness from the inside. 

Although it's more yellow than the green, but Lime can give you Lime Squash that is so refreshing and relieve the thirst. It also gives you the feelings of bittersweet of life that you must face it in positive way. Lime also can cheer you up and make you stay young and stay inspired because it cleans the negativity.

This one is part of the Yellow family that leaves a wonderful gradient from our inspiration of greenery this week. Lemon is a cheerful and playful color that makes you no longer feel sadness and heartache. But don't make it too much or you can't rest your mind at all. The brightness of the color brings you so much energy to living the life.

Let's see the greenery entered the interior spaces.

That's all for today. We'll see you all again soon!
Thank you for reading!

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