January 5, 2017

Enjoy My Book Club: First Term at Malory Towers

This is my first reading list for 2017.

It's always fun to read all Enid Blyton books. First time read this book series when I was in elementary school. This series is all about girls school named Malory Towers. It's a boarding school which located near the sea and has four towers that named from the four cardinal directions: north tower, south tower, east tower, and west tower.

Although the books are related each other, but you can read them randomly. But since I am a bit OCD in organizing things, that everything must start from the very beginning, I choose to read the series volume by volume from the beginning of the story.

All the scene in this book is around year 1940's. When no students bring phones to school, no internet, and everything going on there was old school but I found it fun. The book tells us story from the main role like Darrel Rivers, Sally Hope, Alicia Johns, Mary-Lou, and Gwendoline Mary Lacey. Each role has different characters that made this book so rich and interesting to read. This book tells us about their first term in Malory Towers school. How Darrel, Sally, and Gwendoline faced their first time in Malory Towers, and all the adventure they have around the first term.

I think Enid Blyton was an adventure lover since all of her books are full of adventure stories. And all of them are fun to read!
Well, if you like to read books in 1940's style and school life, I recommend you to read this series.

That's all for today. We'll see you all again soon!
Thank you for reading!

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