March 15, 2014

World's Art History: The Romans' Taberna

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House of Smichi decided to add a new article about World's Art History on our blog from now on. We hope that with this article about it can make your eyes wide open about the richness of our culture history from ancient times up to now. So, let's begin with The Roman House.

Since the first writing about Ar History back in the days in college, I really in love with the beauty of Pompeii and Roman Empire culture. How they built their houses and public facilities. But first, House of Smichi will write to you about the Taberna in Romans' Houses.

This is the plan of a common Roman House.

Ok now, let's start to get to know what the meaning of the T words is on the left side of the plan.

T is for Taberna

The two Ts at the left as the front side of the house were used to be shops. The two Taberna were used to built surrounded the Atrium (maybe to cover the house from direct seeing). The Romans usually had brick counter to display their goods to be sold.

This picture was taken from the Pompeii ruined that still there after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

That is the front side of the Roman House which had a small room used for Taberna in on the left. As you see,they put some bricks to display their goods to be sold. 
And they said, the Romans may had a small living spaces in the past, so they may didn't cook their food themselves. So, this may be a fast food restaurant (or counter) at that time for the Romans to eat. Incredible isn't it?! And this is one good explanation and a picture of what the Romans did in the past in a Taberna.

This picture shows us the inside of the Taberna.

You can see the counter has holes. Each holes were used to hold pots of foods. The marble display in the front of the picture was used to keep the food cold. And the other side on the back, there was a similar counter made from clay to keep the food warm. And,look at the mosaic they made for the counter! 

We are really amazed with the ancient people do in the past. And what they did in the past is really inspiring us to do the same in modern way now.
And you may wondering why the Roman's Taberna is related to Art History? We take a look from the way they put the "commercial kitchen" at the counter. They put the hot section 

Ok, that's all from House of Smichi's library about the World's Art History about the Roman's Taberna.  
We'll see you in our another post of World's Art History!

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