October 13, 2016

Enjoy My Book Club: Trik Juara Mengatur Waktu by Zivanna Letisha

First time I found this book, I didn't know that from the first page to the very last page are really inspiring. It is an Indonesian book version from a lovely Indonesian author, Zivanna Letisha.

This book contains some useful knowledge about time. Introduction about time, types of time that we can experience, and about how to manage your time at weekdays and weekend. I love this book because the author not only write based on encouragement she wants to give to the readers, but also by the need of managing times that she shared also in the book. So the book become more interesting.

Zizi (nickname for Zivanna Letisha) also arrange the book so well organized, from the beginning of the basic knowledge about time, up to tips and tricks to use the times well. So, we can easily read it and try to applied one of the tips. Trust me, the tips and tricks are so useful! I hope foreign readers also can read this one to if there's an English version of the book because it published in Bahasa Indonesia only.

Like most of you, I also have a hard deal with time everyday. We only have 24 hours, but we have a loads to do list to be done everyday. Sometimes I have 20 something to-do-list to be done everyday, from daily house cleaning, cooking, take a break, and especially working. Sometimes, I am easily bored and don't want to deal with time at some time. It's because I take care the time in a wrong way.

By reading this book, my knowledge about time is increasing and I hope with lots of learning, I become a better person who manage my times well. Well, for my Indonesian fellows, you can buy this book and read this to improve your life. You can get it in your local bookstore and in some online bookstores, that you can see in Zizi's Instagram bio.

That's all for today. We'll see you all again soon!
Thank you for reading!

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