January 18, 2017

Daily Pictures: New Perspective

Greetings! ❤
This time I get a chance to learn something new which a little bit out of my knowledge. It's about hospital and healthcare facilities.

Although I learned many things in college, but just a little of the knowledge I got that I can use in this working time.  I only got the basics for interior designer at school. But now, facing the real world, interior designers must learn new things by themselves. And sometimes they got from learning by doing. In college not everyone got everything to learn. Like this time, I get a chance to improve a hospital to be better.

Hospital is one of the subject I tried to avoid in college since it's harder than any public buildings and areas, it also has so many rules in every elements inside the project. Well, I did hospitality project for my last semester project. But since my friends mostly from Medicine faculty, I was kinda getting more interest for healthcare world. And this time, I have a real job to do a better healthcare facility.

So, to improve my knowledge about hospital and healthcare facility and systems, I went to Universitas Indonesia's library to satisfy my thirst of knowledge about hospital and healthcare. It was a very fun journey between my awkward moments in a new place, but I think I could got through it successfully.
I choose the book Building Type Basics for Healthcare Facilities and Hospital and Healthcare Facility Design.  I hope by reading these books, I can get what I need to design a better healthcare facility.

That's all for today. We'll see you all again soon!
Thank you for reading!

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